“When a man assumes a public trust he should consider himself a public property.” -Thomas Jefferson
“Trust only movement. Life happens at the level
of events, not of words. Trust movement. ” -Alfred Adler
“Trust, but verify.” -Ronald Reagan
“He who does not trust enough,
Will not be trusted.” -Lao Tzu

Trust Is Earned, Not Bought.

Traditional trust companies sell you a service like an SSL certificate. But that is just a technology. Having a secure connection doesn’t mean there is a reason to trust the person on the other side of that connection. Companies continued to try to solve trust issues with the Extended Validation Certificate (EV). To get an EV requires identity verification and results in browser-level identification of the certificate. Even so the same problems arise; just because you know who an entity is doesn’t mean they can be trusted.

Trust: Certainty Based On Experience.

Most online trust companies work to redefine what trust is rather than offer a true solution. Real trust comes from an ongoing relationship. Typically personal, but even extending to a business or product, we build a relationship of trust over time. The VTac from K5M is the first solution which is based on actual trust and offers a level of security unseen in the world today.

The VTac solution by K5M works because of integrity. Anyone granted a VTac has been fully vetted and is trusted by K5M, a publicly traded person. Holding that unique position, K5M is a company that is trusted like a person as well as being a person that is trusted like a company.

The process of verification varies based on the complexity of each entity. Once verified the company or person will have a trusted green box with their name permanently displayed on the body of K. Mike Merrill. In this way, only those companies that K5M truly trusts will be granted a VTac, as only those companies that K. Mike Merrill wants to personally vouch for and have permanently affixed to his body will be validated.

Because You Can’t Trust Pixels.

By applying pigment to the dermis, the VTac becomes more secure than any virtual certificate currently being offered. It’s not pixels on the screen, but a physical permanent marking that shows users an entity is trusted. It’s simply not possible to fabricate or imitate.

The VTac protocol is currently in use by Panic Inc., a lauded software company that was looking for an additional layer of real trust after being disappointed by the merely cosmetic results of an EV certificate. Panic Co-Founder Cabel Sasser said, “This actually has meaning.”

Verified Trust

Each VTac is issued based on research conducted to determine if an entity can be trusted. To get started on your own VTac please fill out the following information and we’ll be in touch with an estimate of the total costs. After a non-refundable deposit of the first half of the fee is placed we’ll begin work on verification and once completed you’ll be issued your VTac upon receipt of the second half of the fee.

Request Quote

To request an initial quote please fill out the following form. Our analysts will conduct an initial review based on publicly available records and give you an estimate of the costs to conduct a full review. Once that is approved our analysts will sign an NDA and expect full access to your organization and cooperation from every level. We look forward to talking with you about this exciting opportunity!

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